the Bambilashlee Is there anything Bambi Lashes can't do?
We basically use our own skills to teach lash-related courses and prepare you for our lash services.
BOOK NOW Plus, we've just launched a whole new line of lashes!
AWESOME Services Bambi Lashlee is a natural lash school with online booking and Lash related accessories,
including waterproof mascara and eyelash curler.
SHOP NOW SELL ANYTHING Bambi Lashlee offers lash courses and services to teach you how to perfect your natural.
Combining her best selling tools, our techniques are based on years of experience
and research from beauty professionals around the globe.
Lash Trays
Lash Accessories
Lash glue
We offer 2 walk-in lash one
Refreshing courses
1:1 In person Master class
beginner classic and volume master class
1 day refresher and retention 
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